Monday, December 19, 2011


Decembeeeer ninteeenth...Christmas countdown is on! Okay, well, it's been on for a while. LOL

Today I have already made it to two meetings, visited with Mel's folks, ate Chinese for lunch and came home to make English toffee for gift giving.I like the idea of edible gift giving for friends. It gives me an excuse to be in the kitchen without my having to consume all the stuff I am making. That's a good equation. Plus, I get to make something special for folks which feels like the spirit of Christmas to me.

My week is pretty mellow save for Tuesday. My tomorrow has three...count'em...three doctor's appointments in it. Nothing to worry about but it does make the day crowded. I am still hoping that I can make it to my noontime meeting at QVCC. I enjoy my meetings.

Wednesday night we will have dinner with Ellen Joy and Woody. Thursday night is dinner with Dad and Sandy.

Friday noontime Ashley will arrive for the holiday weekend. I am so psyched. She hasn't really gotten to have a holiday home-style since she was 9 years old. So, Friday night we'll have stove top shepherd's pie...yummy. I use cream style corn for that instead of the old dried up, baked up version which, as you may suspect, I am not especially fond of on my plate.

I'm looking forward to Christmas Eve at Joan's. It amazes me to see the kids all grown up. Seems like just yesterday they were the little one scampering around. Now it is THEIR kids that are doing the scampering. All Joan and George's grandson's will be there I hope. It's neat to see how each one acts differently, according to their age and personality. Next year will be the first year for Joan's grand daughter. I'm guessing after 5 grandson's that the little princess will end up being spoiled a wee bit.

Well, I have now made supper, two batches of English toffee and just about finished wrapping every xmas present except for one. WooHoo! Taht feels good. Now, to relax a bit before bedtime.

Peace out!