Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm still tired and the headaches persist but I do manage to get done most of what I want to get done. That is indeed a blessing!

I have to run a few errands this afternoon...unless I hear from Miss Linda about visiting Sue in Hartford. They did a biopsy when they put the stent in her pancreas and found cancer. If they are letting her out today we probably won't visit but there is no word as of yet. DOCTORS! See, it's not just mine that are like that. Please keep Sue in your prayers.

I am going to check at TJ Maxx fro some flavored decaf coffees. They have a lovely selection when they get them in. Shhh! Don't tell too many people or my supply may get seriously depleted rather quickly. Hell,I'd even go to the regular retailer for those coffees IF I only knew who the regular retailers are. I suppose I could track them down but shopping at TJ's for them makes it more of a sport to get there when there is a new supply come in. So today, the game is afoot! LOL

I have to get some boxes. Friends have lots of suggestions for me. I hear tell a couple of the box companies in Putnam will give up boxes...irregulars/ and printing errors I am guessing. Now to get up there! There are some tasks for which the transit bus is really not especially conducive. Schlepping loads of cardboard being one of those things.

Mel has a test tomorrow and another on Sunday at DKH. Her MRI showed lesions and some other irregularities. They are trying to determine the nature of those lesions, etc. They could be old...from previous TBI or they could be new. The tests will hopefully tell us more. Please keep her in your prayers.

I read an article about Haiti today...the looters and the gangs. Sad. But, human nature sometimes looks like inhuman nature...(The Holocaust). It seems to me that the worst of times brings out not only the worst in people, but also the best in people...(Miep Gies). The best just doesn't make front page headlines in the paper. Why do we focus so much on the negative? Could that be human nature?

To see so many human beings left to their own devices, resorting to survival mode is sad. It does remind me that human beings are not that class above the animal kingdom...we are just another part of it. That reminds me of the book "Ishmael" which was a very good read for those of you who might be interested in such. If you have delicate religious sensibilities all wrapped up around organized religion, it will probably offend. Dare to be offended! You may have an eye opening experience. It definitely took me to new horizons.

God Bless Haiti!

Just took my multi-vite, my iron and my sublingual B-12. I am hoping today is a good day. Every two or three days I have to toss my cookies. I highly suspect it is the iron supplement. I've switched it from night time to mid day after my lunch. It says to take with food if stomach upset occurs but I gotta tell ya, offering ammo to some lunatic with an automatic weapon would be akin to doing that some days! I eat. I take my supplements. My stomach cramps up. I kneel before the porcelain princess...sometimes sooner, sometimes later! UGH!!! There are definitely better hobbies!!!

I am thinking of switching back to a chewable multivite and pulverizing my iron pill. I've discovered that chunky things don't necessarily settle well. Anyway, that's my next move if things don't settle down before I buy my next bottle of vitamins. Besides, the chewable multivite tastes pretty darn good!!!

Today I am experimenting with my old glasses. Sometimes the view from the new ones has been 'odd' to say the least. I am thinking they might be too strong and that could cause the headaches. My opthamologist had suggested I wait at least six months after surgery to get new glasses and I did. I am thinking that perhaps the 8 months I waited was not long enough for my eyes to adjust to where they are at now. I'm not sure what weight loss has to do with eyesight but I suspect whatever it is, I got blindsided (pun intended) by it. I'll try to remember to post about how this works out.

Ah well, things to do, places to go, people to annoy. You know me. I gotta be up to something all the time. Have a good one!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I wish cast iron was palatable!!!

I have been so tired for so long. I'd love to have energy again. I'd love to wake up anything but still tired. I'd love to NOT have a pounding, throbbing, annoying, 'please make it go away' headache every day, all day long. I'd love to rip off someone's head and shit down their neck...just for fun but I don't have the energy. Now that's misery!

What's the best way to serve cast iron? Does anyone have an iron flavored crow bar I can suck on?

Even though I am irritable as all get up I wouldn't consider spitting nails cause if I had iron in my mouth I'd be wanting to hold onto it.

I am zapped. I am wiped out. I am so very tired of being so very tired. I have 0 energy...zilch, nada, none!!!

There are things I want to do. I just can't get'em done. I just can't get there from here. It's maddening! It's frustrating! It's pissing me off...ROYALLY!!!

Reading is taxing my physical limitations. It is hard to watch TV with my eyes open. I get hungry but it's so much effort to cook. Hell, getting my cereal fixed in the morning is too much to do sometimes. Caffeine makes me more irritable but does nothing for my energy level or my alertness.

Writing is so hard. Typing aint the worst of it. It's that trying to figure out what I want to say and how to say it to make sense.

I watch my favorite TV shows hoping that they will be over soon so I can just close my eyes. I go to meetings and they seem to drag as if time is standing still.

I want to do so much but I feel like I am molasses trying to climb uphill at twenty below. It's fighting me. I feel like I am losing the battle without any real fight from within me.

It's bedtime for this Bonzo. I'm gonna wrap myself up in between warm blankets and surrender to sleep. I'm too exhausted to fight it anymore. Tomorrow is another day, another battle, just more of the same till the iron level kicks it up a notch.

Can I have barbecue sauce with that cast iron skillet?