Friday, March 12, 2010

MANIA 101...well, hypomania 101

I bought one of those expandable book thingamobobbers for the top of the fridge to put my cookbooks in. It was practical. The bookends keep moving sending a cascade of books downward. This has scared the tar out of the cats on more than one occasion now.

So, I start putting the book thing in place and the insulated carafe plummets to the floor dislodgine a magnet along the way. Well, I was working on the top of the fridge so I figure it can wait, right?

Finally, I get all the cookbooks set up in their new home. Voila! (Yes, I took French in high school.)

I get down to try to retrieve the carafe that has fallen behind the bakers rack when I remember we need a couple of nuts for the bakers rack sooooooo, I grabbed my gadget box. You probably have one too. It's that place where you put all your gadgets, gizmos, screws, nuts, bolts and whatnots until there is a need for them. Yuppers! I got me one of those too!

Well, I only had one nut...not the three that I needed to fix the rack up right. But wait, while I was in the magical gizmo box low and behold, I notice that I have the child safe locks for the cabinets. We don't have kids mind you. What we have are two Siamese cats that insist on getting in the cupboards and waltzing around on my pots and pans. GRRRRR! Sooooo, I set about installing the child safe locks under the kitchen sink. The first one goes on easy...and I don't have to add the second piece cause someone left that from the before time (before we lived here). The other side had the catch piece so I figure all I have to do is screw in the lever piece and I am good to go, right? Wrong! The holes were not lined up for the thing to work! DOUBLE GRRRRR!

Finally, I have success. Those feisty cats will not be getting into the cupboard under the sink any longer and with any luck they won't figure out that they can get into the same space via the other cabinets. Of course, they are smart. I suspect it will come to that sooner or later. For now my pots, pans and bakeware are safe from the cat paws (and god only knows what they stepped in, on or about) invasion.

Now, I've noticed that the gadget box is in disarray. parts are loose on the bottom and my system for sorting and separating leaves much to be desired. I got right to work on that with great efficiency. Woo Hoo!!! Task completed.

The only problem areas of the whole production are that the gadget box is on the counter still, the carafe is still trapped behind the bakers rack, I have a stray magnet and some tools on my stove and my mind is already racing onto several other projects. I want to race to the hardware and get those bolts for the rack AND some hinges for an entirely different project.

I do concede that this level of mania does make me very productive. However, there is a down side as well. There are really only 24 hours in my day too!